The Weekender: GW Facebook, Mercs Week & Empire of the Dead

February 16, 2013 by dignity

It’s been another busy week here at BoW HQ, with Empire of the Dead starting down the Kickstarter road, Carnevale bringing out more great models and GW cancelling their Facebook page. The guys get a chat about their thoughts on what’s been happening but what has caught your eye this week?

Shiney!Firefly Board Game in The Works!!!

Nocturna Alice - Painted by mrdee

To check out any of the stories mentioned in the show check the links below: News:


Firefly Board Game

Beyond the Gates of Antares Cancelled

Kromlech Clanking Ork Mechs

New Forge Father Wave

Empire of the Dead Kickstarter

All Quiet on the Martian Front (Alien Dungeon)

Level 7 [Escape] Lockdown


Nocturna Alice

Power Gaming Discussion

Release Watch

New Carnevale items;


Syphilitic Noble



Pirate and Cuchillo #2