Weekender: Myth 2.0 & Checking Out New Batman Rulebook!

March 7, 2015 by dignity

We hope you’re having a great Saturday so far and the Weekender is now here to brighten your day! We’ve got loads to discuss including the progress on the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp!

A whole bunch of stuff has arrived in the studio including the Batman Rulebook that we’ll be having a look at as well as Angel Giraldez’ new painting book that is chock full of awesome tips for you masters of the brush.

Weekender: Myth 2.0 & Checking Out New Batman Rulebook!

As well as that we’ll be discussing the changes to MYTH with their 2.0 Rules Set and the coming of a new Kickstarter campaign which takes you off to new lands in Journeyman.

Last but least we give you the heads up on the finale of oriskany’s World War 2.5 article series which finished on Monday and Backstagers can download an awesome rules pack next week too to round things off!

As a final note there will be No Weekender next week as we’ll be live blogging the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp instead!

Have a great gaming weekend!