The Weekender: The Return!

May 3, 2013 by dignity

The guys are back once more with this week’s Weekender. This week sees a closer look at the upcoming Grumpy Old Wargamers Con happening at Tabletop Nation this June, as well as the announcement for Malifaux 2.0. On top of this the guys give their views on the Deadzone Kickstarter and we announce the winners of the Mutant Chronicles Warzone contest and the great Salute 2013 scavenger hunt!

The Weekender: The Return!

Here are some of the details for the Mantic Open Day:

  • It’s on 11th May 2013. It’s in Nottingham, at 193 Hempshill Lane, NG6 8PF. It’s an abandoned medical center. This is an awesome thing considering the background to Deadzone. (It’s a bit creepy!)
  • Mantic will be running demo games of the Deadzone Alpha Rules. The rules will be available on the Kickstarter page before the open day, but this is a chance to play them on the actual board.
  • They will also be running the first ManticBowl DreadBall tournament.
  • Our Pathfinders will be running a huge Kings of War participation battle so people can get a feel for how the game works ahead of this Summer’s huge list of stunning releases. This is a great chance for people who only know Mantic through DreadBall to see what else we get up to, and how the “keep it simple” design ethos works on a wargame scale. They’re also running demos of Warpath, Dwarf King’s Hold and Project Pandora so people can try out a little bit of everything Mantic.
  • The Open Day Seminar is always a laugh – Ronnie will be giving away teasers left, right and center as always, and they’ll have special guests on hand to answer questions about games.
  • Golem Painting Studio will be putting painting seminars, to help people improve their brushwork. They’ll also be on hand to answer questions throughout the day.
  • Oh, and the aforementioned zombies! The venue is massive so they’re closing half of it off and infesting it with zombies. Well, people dressed as zombies, anyway.

So the prize for this weekenders comp we have two tickets to the Mantic Open Day up for grabs so you and a friend. For your chance to win simply drop a comment below with your choice of the best, worst and most funny weapons for the zombie apocalypse, the winner or winners will be contacted by the BoW Team this Monday. So guys get commenting and if you want to pop along on your own don’t forget to say so and we can let another lucky person can join us at this great event as well!

Not a bad way to kick off the weekend, eh?


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