Weekender: Warhammer Rumours & Terminator Minis This Summer!

January 10, 2015 by dignity

It’s been quite a wild start to 2015 with a whole bunch of announcements and plenty of rumours flying around. What better time to start off the first proper episode of The Weekender!

We give our thoughts on Privateer Press and how they seem to be making it all the easier for you to jump into the world of Warmachine & Hordes with not only some rather interesting army sets but their neat role-playing game Adventure Kit too.

Warlord Games officially got behind the Terminator Miniatures Game as well which is being penned by wargaming favourite Alessio Cavatore. We can’t wait to see what comes out of this skirmish game in the summer.

Not only that but Knight Models are seriously cranking up the generator when it comes to the Batman Miniatures Game and they’ve been showing off some awesome page previews and pre-order details for the rulebook itself!

Weekender: Warhammer Rumours & Terminator Minis This Summer!

Warhammer Fantasy Battles has also gone into seeming free-fall online when it comes to rumours and we’ll be giving our opinions on what we think of the information that dropped earlier in the week.

Also, did you try and win yourself a copy of the 4Ground Stoic Arms Tavern? We have the winner for you this episode!

Happy Gaming!