Weekender: Wild West Exodus Week and Pulp City Pledges

February 21, 2015 by dignity

Welcome to another episode of the Weekender! Lloyd takes the reigns this week as we look forward to the exciting content we have coming in Wild West Exodus Week, while Justin waxes lyrical about some of the awesome sculpts that will be appearing in its Kickstarter next March.

As well as this, the guys take a look at some of the awesome minis we have seen appear this past week, including Infinity’s new Nazarova Twins for the Kum Enforcers and the long awaited release of ArcWorlde’s Arcane Dragon!

Sam also has some exciting news as his pledge for the Pulp City Kickstarter last year has arrived. The guys check out the cool minis of the Villain Starter Set and some of the other models that appeared on the Kickstarter, including the wonders that are Hover Cats.

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Week and Pulp City Pledges

Finally, we get a chat about the progress on our Salute Battle for Hoth board, as more AT-ATs make their way to the studio. This is going to be epic!