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Thomarillion Bring Us The Head Of Their Dwarf Chieftain


Thomarillion have released a new terrain piece to let us contemplate on the ruin of the mighty Dwarf civilisation, the Dwarven Chieftain statue.

A Dwarf Prince Loses His Head For Thomarillion’s Preview


Thomarillion have published a preview of a new terrain piece that could mark the fall of the dwarfs.

Stalwart Dwarven Pillars Stand Tall From Thomarillion


Thomarillion has now added some rather awesome Dwarven Pillars to their terrain collection for you to pick up.

Thomarillion Hoist Out a Medieval Crane


Thomarillion are helping to innovate the construction efforts of your medieval tabletops as they release their new crane scenery piece.

Thomarillion Build Up The Defences Around The Southgate


See what you make of the large Southgate piece of terrain from Ziterdes and Thomarillion that would be great for using as an area of Bree I reckon!

Create A Historical Haven With Rune Stones From Thomarillion


Find out what the secret of the stones is as we see the Rune Stones of Thomarillion come to life.

Thomarillion’s Crooked Housing & An Abbey Take Shape


Check out some rather neat looking hard foam terrain coming out of both Thomarillion and Ziterdes for use in both Historical and Fantasy games.

Thomarillion Set The Stage for Your Gaming


Thomarillion have released a new resin terrain piece, a wooden plank stage for your miniatures to perform on.

Put Out a Fire With Thomarillion’s Fire Hydrants


Thomarillion have decided to help you prevent the spread of fire across your table tops with the addition of a couple of fire hydrants.