Will You Join The Stalwart Honor Guard Of THON?

October 23, 2014 by brennon

THON is one of those game where I’m never entirely sure what’s going on with their products but most of the essential kit for the game seems to be out now which is a great sign! Next to that we have the addition of more troops including the Thonian Alliance Honour Guard

Honour Guard (Art)

The Honour Guard are elite members of the Echelon Guardians and certainly look the High Sci-Fi part. Above you can see some of the art for them which has always been a strong point with the THON game.

Honour Guard (Render)

Honour Guard (Options)

Above are some of the renders showing how the final product will look too. Unfortunately they don’t have any actual miniature pictures up for you to take a look at (same complaint goes your way Wyrd too…why?) but you get some neat options with the kit as well. The stance is very wooden however although I think it’s made better by not using the rifle arms and using the bare head option too.

What do you think of THON?

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