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Thundercloud Miniatures Show Off The Spooky Faceless

694 days ago 5

Thundercloud are going to be heading to Kickstarter soon with their Avendora range but in the mean time see what you think of this model for them that will no doubt show up in game. The Faceless is a deadly wraith like creature armed with the two blood soaked swords…

Thundercloud Miniatures Unveil More Concept Art

Thundercloud Miniatures Unveil More Concept Art

1350 days ago 5

What do you make of these new pieces of
concept art from Thundercloud Miniatures?
Have they got your attention?

Thundercloud Finish Off Their Icy Bear Rider

1412 days ago 8

What do you think of the painting work that’s gone into this Bear Rider from Thundercloud Miniatures?

Thundercloud Scare Us Senseless With The Faceless

1466 days ago 1

Experience more of what Thundercloud Miniatures have to offer with their artwork for the Faceless and lots of progress when it comes to the Dreadlord.

Thundercloud Miniatures Ride Bears & Worship Dreadlords

1478 days ago 2

Check out this concept art from Thundercloud Miniatures for their forthcoming game. So far we’ve seen a Bear Rider and a Dreadlord in the works…