Grab More From Drakskull’s Horde With Titan-Forge

January 11, 2013 by brennon

There is already a fair amount out for Drakskull’s Menace and his undead horde of miscreants. But, like any good company Titan-Forge have you waiting for that little bit more. Check out the Wyvern previews below to whet your appetite…

Undead Wyvern Preview #1

Undead Wyvern Preview #2

As you can see we have a rather faded teaser and then a stark one too alongside others from the Drakskull range. You certainly won’t have to wait long before this takes to the battlefield.

The next thing I want to see is someone create an entire army using these miniatures as either a proxy Orc & Goblin force or even Vampire Counts. It would be superb to see exactly what people were using for the different units.

Will you be grabbing one of those Wyverns?