Don’t Taste this Titan-Forge Cannibal Goblin Stew!

September 3, 2012 by brennon

Titan-Forge easily funded their Undead Orc horde, and here is a new preview of some of their upcoming forces. First up are the Goblin Cannibals with a stew cooking away. Just don’t ask to taste it…

Goblin Cannibals

Obviously they could be appearing on a tabletop near you as goblins, but in keeping with the horror theme of course these could take the place of Ghouls in an Undead army for Warhammer Fantasy!

Goblin Cannibal Cook

Some really fun miniatures with bunches of character and just begging to be played around with as a set. The Cooking Pot is a good piece for a unit filler or if you are needing an objective of some kind, add that to the field of battle.

How do you think the Undead Greenskins are turning out from Titan Forge?