Titan-Forge’s Metal Beards Hit The Pitch

July 12, 2013 by brennon

Titan-Forge have been biding their time and now the Metal Beards Kickstarter has struck the pitch. Check out some of the players for their new steampunk Fantasy Football team below…




Understandably they are looking to bring this fantasy football team to the pitch with the communities help. As you can see each of the Metal Beards can be assembled in a variety of ways, something we saw in yesterdays article too. I loved the quote on the Kickstarter ”Dwarfs invented football because they were picked last in basketball”.

They are looking for your help because of the high costs involved with producing these to a level they are happy with. Titan-Forge practically always hit the spot with their miniatures and these are going to be no exception I feel.

Is there room for another fantasy football team?