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New Sharp Practice Available Now From Too Fat Lardies

457 days ago 12

Sharp Practice is now available in a range of new bundles from Too Fat Lardies. If you’re looking for a good Napoleonic skirmish game during the era of black powder then this one might be worth a look.

Play The Eastern Front In The Great War From Too Fat Lardies

1033 days ago 4

Too Fat Lardies are at it again and have just released a new supplement for their WWI game rule set, Through The Mud and The Blood.

West Wind, Privateer, Too Fat Lardies & More Summer Sales Up!

1128 days ago 5

The summer seems to have made a few companies go a little crazy and there are a selection of sales out there. Here are just some of them and if there are any more out there feel free to drop them into the comments below!