Totentanz Miniatures Build Up An Ace Spanish Army!

September 16, 2014 by brennon

Totentanz Miniatures have got themselves a whole range of awesome looking Spanish Infantry for use with historical wargaming. See what you think of their Commanders, Pikemen, Musketeers and Cavaliers!


Pikemen I

Pikemen II


Skirmishing Cavaliers

As you can see there is a fair amount of stuff on offer right now and the miniature quality looks superb too. Plenty of detail and attention to historical accuracy apparently as well! I could easily see you using these as not only Spaniards in battle but also Conquistadors heading off into the Aztec jungles in search of gold.

Away from historical maybe this could be the start of your Estalian themed Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy!

What do you think?