Pray To The Kami At TRE Games’ Japanese Shrine

November 9, 2017 by dracs

TRE Games have built a new 28mm Japanese Shrine where your minis can go to pray to the kami.


Shrines are the religious sites for Japan’s homegrown religion of Shinto. Each houses a kami, a divine being of Shinto, which can range in nature from an evocative natural feature to a personified entity like the goddess Amaterasu.

Shrine Top

Shrine Interior

Shrine Front

Judging by the size of this shrine, it would appear to be a relatively small, local shrine. These can be found all over Japan and would make for an excellent backdrop for games like Bushido or Test of Honour, or even for futuristic games like Infinity, given how often they can be found tucked away in modern cities.

What are your thoughts on this piece of Japanese culture?

"Shrines are the religious sites for Japan's homegrown religion of Shinto..."