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Troll Forged Build Their Test Cast Battlesuit

372 days ago 7

Troll Forged Miniatures have been working on a new dreadnought miniature for a while now and have recently shown off the assembled test cast.

Troll Forged Test Print Their Ace Dreadnought!

972 days ago 6

See how the Troll Forged Dreadnought measures up now that it has been at the printers for a test!

A Clanking Dreadnought Stomps Out Of Troll Forged

981 days ago 7

Troll Forged take a look at the sculpting for one of their Dreadnoughts by David Seymour. See what you think of the creation so far!

Troll Forged Begin Work On the Mighty Overlord of Their Alien Host

1033 days ago 4

Troll Forged have been working on the various gribbly creations of their Alien Host for a while, but now have begun work on something to lead their creations, the mighty Alien Host Overlord!

Troll Forged Sneak Out Stealth Swarm Production Casts

1052 days ago 7

The alien swarms of Troll Forged Miniatures continues to spread with the appearance of the Stealth Swarm Production casts being the latest of these gribbly creatures to appear.

Larvae Swarm All Over Troll Forged

1063 days ago 4

Troll Forged have continued with the gribbly creation of alien creatures and are currently working on their new Larva Swarm bases.

Troll Forged’s Alien Host Gets a Bit of a Loose Canon

1159 days ago 2

Troll Forged Miniatures are currently working on another horrific creature for their alien host. This time it looks like they are getting a bit of biological fire power with the Canon Drone.

Troll Forged Let Slip the Carnage Hounds of War!

1185 days ago 7

Troll Forged Miniatures are finishing up the sculpts for their Carnage Hounds, a truly alien looking beasty that will be hunting down your troops on the scifi gaming table.

Troll Forged Sculpt Another of Their Strange Buggy Aliens

1202 days ago 2

Troll Forged Miniatures are keeping up with the swarm of their alien models, showing off their latest gribbly creation’s WIP.

Troll Forged Have a Goliath Case of Wyrms

1252 days ago 3

Troll Forged are continuing with their disgusting selection of truly alien monsters as they preview their new Goliath Wyrm.

Troll Forged Find the Perfect Weapon to Take Down Aliens

1262 days ago 2

Troll Forged Miniatures have come up with a new heavy weapon set to help their Alien Hunters take down the menace of the otherworldly monsters.

Troll Forged Sends Out Alien Hunters on Another Bug Hunt

1348 days ago 2

With Troll Forged’s massive, malignant Alien Host all ready to ruin humanity’s day, we need to make sure we are ready to take them on. That’s why, hot on the aliens’ heels, Troll Forged have created some Alien Hunters.

All of Troll Forged’s Alien Host is Arrayed in All its Splendour

1350 days ago 0

Troll Forged have published a picture showing off their entire Alien Host selection of miniatures, an army of truly terrible alien monsters.

Troll Forged Show Off the Terrors of their Alien Host

1355 days ago 2

Troll Forged Miniatures have put out a picture of the latest finished fiends of their Alien Host. Prepare for some nightmare fuel.

Troll Forged Have A Case of Wyrms

1364 days ago 4

Work is continuing on Troll Forged Miniatures’ new Assimilation Alien Host range as they preview the casts of the monstrous new Wyrm.