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Stone Cold Lead Paint Up Tsuba Miniatures’ Japanese HMG Team

670 days ago 7

If you’re looking for some infantry support during the Russo-Japanese War then you’ll want to turn to Tsuba Miniatures who do a whole range of metal kits for that period. Their most current set is a Japanese HMG Team who have been painted up by Stone Cold Lead…

Lay Down Covering Fire With Tsuba’s Japanese HMG Team

829 days ago 2

See what you make of this machine gun team from Tsuba Miniatures that helps bolster the defences of the Japanese on the tabletop.

Tsuba Miniatures Go Looting With New Russian Infantry Set

833 days ago 0

Go looting with a new set of Russian Infantry coming soon from Tsuba Miniatures. I think this could come together as a really characterful set worth taking a look at for dioramas and scenarios.

Japanese Cavalry Ride Out of Tsuba Miniatures Next Year

944 days ago 3

Tsuba Miniatures have announced that they will be releasing a new set of WWII Japanese Cavalry and recently revealed the command miniatures.