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Weekender: Uncovering Mythos Horrors + Win Two-Player Starter Bundles!

Weekender: Uncovering Mythos Horrors + Win Two-Player Starter Bundles!


It’s time for us to welcome Warren back into the fold for The Weekender this week as we get stuck into plenty of awesomeness from a week in gaming.

TTCombat Release Dropfleet & Dropzone Range + Special Cruiser!


TTCombat has now released the entire of the Dropfleet Commander and Dropzone Commander range onto their webstore.

Big Carnevale Kickstarter Update + Gav Thorpe Now On Board!


Carnevale Kickstarter fulfilment delayed BUT Gav Thorpe now on board with the project to write the book!

Weekender XLBS: Gamer Gifts & Marvel On The Tabletop

Weekender XLBS: Gamer Gifts & Marvel On The Tabletop


Hobby chatter and Christmas gift ideas!

A Scourge Space Station Appears As TTCombat Begin Shipping Dropfleet


TTCombat have posted an update on the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter with the exciting news that they will soon be shipping the Wave 1 and Wave 2 pieces.

TTCombat Ruin Their Newest Urban Building


TTCombat have revealed a new ruined building to bring the post-apocalypse to your table.

TTCombat Release Two Black Friday Exclusive Minis


TTCombat have released two models that are exclusively available to this Black Friday week.

Fill Up On Fossil Fuels From TTCombat’s Dinogas Station


TTCombat have previewed a new building they will be setting up for your apocalyptic wastelands; the Dinogas fuel station.

TTCombat Constructs New Buildings For Dropzone Commander


TTCombat have continued they’re work on the new Dropzone Commander board and have now added some prototype buildings for you to destroy.

TTCombat Drink Phoenix Fizz & Make Dropzone Commander Boards


TTCombat have a couple of new previews up to show some of the terrain they have been working on, including vending machines, and game boards for Dropzone Commander.

TTCombat Build A Statue To Carnevale’s Nobility


TTCombat have previewed the 3D print of the Noble Statue they are setting up in the heart of Carnevale’s Venice.

Catch A Glimpse of A Commander In Hawk Wargames’ Update


Hawk Wargames have posted an update on their Facebook to let everyone know how things are developing behind the scenes.

TTCombat Open Up Their Hatches For Industrial Terrain


TTCombat have released their new hatches and doors for their industrial terrain range.

TTCombat Purchase Dropfleet & Dropzone Commander


TTCombat has announced that they have purchased both Dropfleet Commander and Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames in a new deal.

TTCombat Venture Inside The Abandoned Brownstone Building


TTCombat have released an Abandoned Brownstone building, giving you a place to hide in the apocalypse.

TTCombat Shut The Doors Of Their Industrial Terrain


TTCombat have shown off some additional doors and hatches they are planning on adding to their Industrial Terrain.

TTCombat Add Platforms To Their Industrial Terrain


TTCombat have released two new Large and Small platform sets of their industrial terrain.

TTCombat Build Up The Base Of Their Mining Platform


TTCombat have continued their work on their upcoming industrial terrain, with the latest preview showing off the base for their Mining Platform.

TTCombat Dig Out More Dungeon With A Large Deluxe Section


TTCombat have released the Large Deluxe Dungeon Sections terrain to send your heroes on a new quest.

TTCombat Start Building A Relics Tower


TTCombat builds themselves a mighty tower for you to drop into your games of Relics. Take a look at this early piece…