TTCombat Shut The Doors Of Their Industrial Terrain

October 13, 2017 by dracs

TTCombat have shown off some additional doors and hatches they are planning on adding to their Industrial Terrain.

Industrial Door

So far, a pair of oval hatchways have been shown off, featuring the sort of rivets and wheel locks you might expect to see as part of an airlock, or where water might be a problem. Whatever they are working on in there, they certainly don’t want to let it out!

Industrial Hatch

TTCombat have added nice details to make these look like something that would fit with such an industrial setting. These aren’t any ordinary doors and windows and you could easily make up some rules to use them as part of a scenario.

What other kinds of terrain would you like TTCombat to make?

"Whatever they are working on in there, they certainly don't want to let it out!"

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