TTCombat Introduce New Suburban Houses To Terrain Range

November 10, 2016 by brennon

TTCombat is getting back into the realm of Americana with these new Suburban Houses for use in your games. While of course, they’d work for Historical gaming we reckon you might want to explore The Walking Dead with these…

Suburban House A

There are five different designs of house but we’re focusing in on three of them here. Suburban House A (above) looks rather simple and small but works as a good marker to show off the interiors here too.

Suburban House A (Interior)

All you’d need to do is get stuck in with some furniture to make them look lived in and you’d have a nice neighbourhood to explore.

Continuing on we also have House B

Suburban House B

…and House C to take a look at which change the layout but still provide you with some nice locations to hunt through for loot.

Suburban House C

While they are quite bare bones it wouldn’t take much to add to these and take them to the next level. Being rather inexpensive too you could probably snap up a few of these and create a proper neighbourhood.

Interestingly you could even go to the extreme and use them for a Fallout-style wasteland!

What do you think?

" could even go to the extreme and use them for a Fallout-style wasteland!"