Greebo Games Lay the Hand of Death upon IndieGoGo

March 5, 2014 by dracs

It looks like Greebo are continuing to bring us some awesome Japanese styled fantasy teams for Tutatis via IndieGoGo, as they follow up the success of their previous Nippo Goblin Team with the new ratty players of the Hand of Death.

Hand of Death

Hand of Death Painted

We have seen a few of the sculpts of Greebo’s new team of verminous sports stars previously, but through IndieGoGo a whole team of them will hopefully become available to take to the pitch.

While the standard Hand of Death team has some pretty nice sculpts, they aren’t in my opinion among the best of Greebo’s range. However, there is plenty of other cool designs lurking around the IndieGoGo page.

Rat Oni

Eishin the Head-Splitter

Skittex Backstab


It doesn’t end with the Hand of Death though. As anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s knows, nothing goes together better than rats and turtles. As a little extra, Greebo intend to bring out the miniatures of their awesome Tartalar team in 27mm scale.

Tartalar Concepts

Greebo are providing the Wartart Tartalar with different head and weapon options, so you can equip your mutant ninja turtle with whatever you think is best.

Wartart Weapon Options

Wartart 27mm Mini

Tartalar Scale

A lot of people will be pleased to see these minis in 27mm, as I know some are put off by Tutatis’ 15mm scale. Still, whatever scale they use the miniatures are pretty nice and I look forward to seeing what else might appear during this crowd funding campaign.

Will you be joining the Hand of Death on IndieGoGo? What do you think about that the new scale minis?

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