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Let The Dice Decide With D12 Trap Dice KS From Uber Dungeon

193 days ago 1

Why not let the dice decide the fate of your adventurers? DM’s will love the D12 Trap Dice from Uber Dungeon on Kickstarter right now.

Grab A Suede Bag Of Holding From The Dice Bags Kickstarter

291 days ago 1

Now you can grab a suede Bag of Holding on Kickstarter in the Dice Bags: Uber Custom Designs project. This may just be the perfect gift for your gamer friend who has everything (ok and maybe for yourself too).

Making Counting Damage Dice Easy With The Damage Type Dice Kickstater

419 days ago 0

Uber Dungeon has come out with some great looking damage dice that not only look nice, but offer the ability to roll lots of dice and easily identify which is which. The Damage Dice Kickstarter is live now with loads of d6 to add to your collection.