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UK Games Expo Update: Grab The Show Guide & More Of What’s On!

2 days ago 2

The UK Games Expo is only a week and a bit away now and there is some great new updates for what’s happening at the event. The big news comes with the release of the 2017 Show Guide.

UK Games Expo App Launches On Android & iOS This Week

2 days ago 1

The UK Games Expo has now launched its App which will be a handy tool for finding your way around the event and looking up what’s what on the go.

UK Games Expo Update: Charities & Getting Your Game Face On

10 days ago 2

Here’s another round of updates for you on what’s coming to the UK Games Expo in just a matter of weeks now

The Legendary Ian Livingston Will Be At The UK Games Expo!

14 days ago 7

If you’re coming to the UK Games Expo this year then you’ll be happy to know that Ian Livingstone, a famous face in our industry, is going to be at the event throughout the weekend.

UK Games Expo Update: 3D Board Games, Prototyping & More Game Debuts

16 days ago 1

We’ve got some more news from UK Games Expo that happened over the last week or so to get you excited for the event in June.

Upper Deck Launching UK Nationals At UK Games Expo

19 days ago 1

The news came in today that Upper Deck Entertainment are going to be launching their UK Nationals at UK Games Expo this year…

Cosy Dice Create Awesome UK Games Expo Dice Bags

21 days ago 4

Cosy Dice are working with the UK Games Expo to create some fantastic Dice Bags to commemorate your visit to the convention in June.

Games Workshop To Answer Your 40k Questions At UK Games Expo

22 days ago 7

At the UK Games Expo this year you’re going to be getting a chance to talk to the folks behind the new Edition of Warhammer 40,000 in a seminar on that Sunday.

UK Games Expo Update: Debuts & Award Winners Coming To The Show

24 days ago 1

Collecting together more of the information from the recent releases on the UK Games Expo it appears as if we’re going to have a lot of cool debuts and more at the convention when it hits June 2nd-4th this year.

UK Games Expo News: Shop Openings, Ghosts, Gauls & Mantic’s TerrainCrate

30 days ago 7

We’re going to be rounding up some more of the news that popped up from the folks attending the UK Games Expo.

Three Games To Watch Out For At UK Games Expo 2017

38 days ago 5

The UK Games Expo is going to be showcasing loads of new games when it swings around over the 2nd to 4th of June 2017.

Animal Ailments Party Game Coming To The UK Games Expo

44 days ago 2

Coming to the UK Games Expo this year we have a neat little party game, Animal Ailments, from Bazaar Bros.

Take A Look At EU Championship Prizes For FFG Events At UK Games Expo

49 days ago 7

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the prizes that will be available to those that go and compete at the European Championships for a variety of their games at the UK Games Expo this year.

Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin' Stuff With WETA's GKR: Heavy Hitters!

Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin’ Stuff With WETA’s GKR: Heavy Hitters!

89 days ago 124

We’re back!

100 Days To Go Until UK Games Expo 2017!

92 days ago 2

The UK Games Expo is now only 100 days away (2nd – 4th June 2017)! To celebrate this the team has revealed their new artwork for the event which looks absolutely fantastic.