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Meet The Characters Coming To Ulfsark’s Taiyo Dynasties

202 days ago 9

Ulfsark Games are working towards their game, Taiyo Dynasties, which features some very interesting characters. Zealot Miniatures have printed some of these characters to show off.

Ulfsark Games Funding Metal Polyhedral Dice On Kickstarter

910 days ago 7

See what you think of Ulfsark Games’ new campaign on Kickstarter to get their Dragon Scale Polyhedral Dice funded!

Make Your Dice Roll More Dramatic With Dragon Scales!

922 days ago 4

Ulfsark Games has a great new Kickstarter right now with very, cool CNC formed dice. Polyhedral Dragon Scales Metal Designer Gaming Dice have 2 themes to choose from Elven and Dwarven to add even more atmosphere to your game.

Upgrade Your Rolls With Dragon Bones Metal Design Dice

1096 days ago 2

Will you be picking up these premium looking dice from Ulfsark Games? I think these are some bloody great looking Dragon Bones.