A Battle Ready Dwarf from Spellcrow!

June 21, 2012 by brennon

It’s always a pleasure to see what Spellcrow Miniatures are working on and below you can check out a new miniature from my favourite race. What do you make of the Dwarf Champion Work-in-Progress?

Dwarf Champion

A Dwarf in a battle crazed state charging forwards to lay waste to his enemies. Beard flowing, axe raised and a Dwarven battle cry echoing through the valleys chilling goblin blood and shivering spines!

I think you can tell I quite like this Dwarf. Honestly though this is a pretty awesome looking model with plenty of action and narrative. You can even see the straining muscles in his axe arm. Will be interesting to see what detail they work onto the axe head.

Will you join the Dwarven charge!?