Have a Hoot With Spellcrow

November 19, 2012 by dracs

What do you think of when I talk about a winged creature which stalks silently through the night? Why, you think of Spellcrow’s new Owl mini of course.

Spellcrow - Owl

This great looking bird will make a nice addition to many dioramas, as well as a possible familiar for a fantasy wizard, or even a Space Wolf Chooser of the Slain marker.

Along with this mini, Spellcrow have previewed this cool looking rule card to go along with it.

Spellcrow - Owl Card

The cool thing about this is that Spellcrow are currently looking for some cool English text to put on the card and they’ve invited you to give it a try. Simply come up with the most interesting and funny piece for the card and post in on Spellcrow’s Facebook to be in with the chance of having your words immortalized, as well as getting a free copy of the miniature and card themselves.

Come on guys, let’s hear your ideas.