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Unfeasibly Miniatures Meet Camels & Head To The Slave Market

594 days ago 1

Unfeasibly Miniatures have two new sets for their growing range of late 19th and early 20th century soldiers fighting in the deserts of Northern Africa. Camels and a Slave Market Scene are the newest additions…

Head Out On Patrol With Unfeasibly’s Meharistes

596 days ago 0

Adding once more to their French Foreign Legion selection Unfeasibly Miniatures go scouting with the Meharistes who were local tribesmen drafted to scout patrols under French officers…

Head To The Desert With Unfeasibly’s New Tuareg

629 days ago 4

Unfeasibly Miniatures have bolstered the ranks of their Tuareg range which will be fighting against the French Foreign Legion. In addition to new sets for them the Foreign Legion did get itself another big gun, the De Bange Mountain Gun…

Unfeasibly Miniatures Mount Up & Join The French Foreign Legion

771 days ago 4

Take a trip into the desert with the likes of Laurel & Hardy and some more pulp and historical inspired figures for the Foreign Legion by Unfeasibly Miniatures!