Play A Fast & Fun Fantasy Card Game With Unreal Estate

September 23, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

Yes, as gamers we love those tabletop experiences which take whole afternoons to play, but there’s always the potential for more games in a day when you have a quick and easy one that’s portable and can be played over a lunch break.

unreal estate box

This is where the Grand Gamers Guild comes in with their Kickstarter, Unreal Estate.

unreal estate cards

Unreal Estate is a fast and fun, fantasy card game for two to four players. It’s essentially a strategic matching game where timing is everything.

The mechanics are simple – it’s based on drafting, so each turn you can either take a card from the center line or play cards from your hand. Your ultimate goal is to score the most points, so you’ll want to maximize what you score each round.

unreal estate special cards

This is accomplished through the bonus applied for each card of the same type you play, represented in the sidebar on the table. You can only play cards from your hand if there is at least one matching card in the sidebar, and that bonus is multiplied for each there.

However, when cards are played, the matching cards are removed from the game and placed in the discard pile. So yes, you can try to wait until the next turn to score a higher bonus, but you may lose out altogether if someone else plays the same card before you.

There are, of course, a few cards that muck with gameplay, to change the dynamic in the game, so beware.

unreal estate bonus features

Game play ends when the deck is eliminated and whoever has the highest score, wins.

I love the art direction on the cards. They have a very whimsical, charming feel to them and capture all of our favorite fantasy elements in their pictures. And, being a quick and easy game, it’s family friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Will you be picking up this fanciful little card game?

"Unreal Estate is a fast and fun, fantasy card game for two to four players. It's essentially a strategic matching game where timing is everything..."