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Urban War: One Of The Best Games You’re Not Playing

1298 days ago 45

Ever thought that you’re playing a game that everyone else should be, but it keeps getting overlooked? That’s what Robert Allen thinks about Urban War and he gives us a quick introduction to this Sci-Fi world.

The Neo-Iskandrians Take Over December For Urban War

The Neo-Iskandrians Take Over December For Urban War

1352 days ago 2

What do you think of these mighty Neo-Iskandrians that are coming to the world of Urban War
this month?!

Drive Out in Defiance’s Jack Rabbit

1564 days ago 8

When you want to get your troops to the fighting quickly and safely an armoured vehicle is the best way to go about it and Defiance have released just such a vehicle. Introducing the UAMC Jack Rabbit Fast Armoured Vehicle.

Win an Urban War Neo-Iskandrian Strike Team!

1809 days ago 0

Urban Mammoth have a new competition for you to win a Neo-Iskandrian Starter Strike Team!

New Mechanical Marvels Hit the Urban War Webstore

1814 days ago 1

Urban War is joined by some interesting new miniature releases. Check them out within!

The Urban War Neo-Iskandrians Get a Coat of Paint

1838 days ago 2

The Neo-Iskandrians get a lick of paint on their armour.

Sandrunners, Macrosynths and Neo-Iskandrians Take over Urban War

1845 days ago 6

Urban Mammoth show off a few of their latest miniatures and a new faction for the world of Urban War.

Urban War Dune Raiders Cause a Storm of Dust

1927 days ago 3

Urban Mammoth expand the repertoire of deadly vehicles in Urban War with new Quad Bikes out this week.

What Weapon Does a Neo-Iskandrian Take to War?

1942 days ago 1

A mass of concept art showing off the technology of the Neo-Iskandrians right here. Let’s see what an Iskandrian soldier takes to war…

Urban War Shows off Some Close Combat Maestros

1948 days ago 9

The Neo-Iskandrians have donned their power armour and drawn their power swords.

Urban Mammoth Show off the New Urban War Releases

1956 days ago 3

The new releases for Urban War are ready to spill some blood on the battlefield.

The Neo Iskandrians Head into the Render Stage

1975 days ago 3

The Neo Iskandrian Power Armour moves into the next stages of production…

Ángel Giráldez Makes Urban War Pretty

1983 days ago 6

Some new painted pics of the Vasa KV72 Starfire battlesuit have been published on the Urban War Facebook page. Check it out!

Urban Mammoth Introduce the Neo-Iskandrians to Urban War

1985 days ago 6

A new faction gets ready to be crafted by the folks at Urban Mammoth.

The Dune Raider Painted Up & Ready to Ride

1997 days ago 3

The Studio Version of the Dune Raider is revealed by Urban Mammoth.