Urban War Dune Raiders Cause a Storm of Dust

May 10, 2012 by brennon

The world of Urban War is getting a bit deadlier every day, and with the latest release of both Dune Raiders and Pillagers from Urban Mammoth it is not safe on the road…

Dune Pillager #1

Dune Pillager #2

Dune Raider #1

Dune Raider #2

Junker Dune Raider Quad Bike Squad

These models will be available towards the end of the week and add a Mad Max feeling to your games of Urban War. Is it bad that I also realised you could take the wheels off and convert these into jet skies for a Water World feeling too?

As well as these new models there is a new piece of fiction for the background of Urban War which you can read here…

The Prophecy

Are you going to pick up these Quad Bikers?