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USAopoly Is Bringing Zelda To The Table In Collector’s Edition Of CLUE


The Legends of Zelda will be trying to determine who has the ability to defeat Ganondorf, with what and where in the latest addition to USAopoly’s line.

Mondo & Project Raygun Team Up For The Thing: Infection At Outpost 31


This fall will see a classic horror movie making its way to the tabletop in an exciting board game. Mondo and USAoply’s newly formed, Project Raygun division have teamed up to create, The Thing: Infection At Outpost 31, due out this October.

Luna Lovegood Joins The Ranks For Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Expansion


The upcoming expansion for USAopoly’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, The Monster Box of Monsters, will be adding another young hero to the mix. Luna Lovegood will join Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville in the first expansion.

Level Up & Collect The Most Coins In Super Mario Level Up From USAopoly


Sometimes you just have to kick it old school, which is exactly what USAopoly is up to with one of their latest board games. Super Mario Level Up is a 3D board game for you to challenge your friends in a race to the castle while seeing who can collect the most coins.

USAopoly Has A Checkers Game For Fans Of Fallout


Yes, I’m writing about checkers. Yes, it’s the same checkers we’ve all grown up on, but with a Fallout twist.

A Monstrous Expansion For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle From USAopoly


Wizards, ready your wands! USAopoly has announced the first expansion for their fan-favorite, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – The Monster Box Of Monsters. New friends and foes are ready to make life even more interesting at Hogwarts.

USAopoly Reminds Us Why It’s Fun To Game As “Grown Ups”


Sometimes it’s fun to be a grown-up and then act silly!

USAopoly Teams Up With Czech Games Edition For Themed Codenames


Spycraft is about to get even more creative with the announcement of a partnership between USAopoly and Czech Games Edition. The two companies will be working on Disney-Pixar and Marvel versions of the hugely popular, Codenames!


Let’s Play: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle


The Dames of Games are back and
it’s time to open up the Harry Potter
fanbase for a thrilling Hogwarts Battle.

USAopoly & Steve Jackson Games Announce Munchkin: X-Men Edition


This Spring, gamers fellow Mutants will have the ability to sign up for classes at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters as they learn to control their unique “gifts”.

USAopoly Takes Yahtzee To The Next Level With Deadpool Battle Yahtzee


Why not roll your best Yahtzee with the coolest new dice from USAopoly? The new Deadpool Battle Yahtzee will be making its way into all the Marvel gamers hands in the near future.

Get Bustin’ USAopoly Announces Ghostbuster Monopoly


“If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood- Who ya gonna call?…” Ghostbusters!!! USAopoly has announced that they will be releasing a Ghostbuster Edition Monopoly featuring your favorites from the original movie.

USAopoly Shows Off Some Cards For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle


Hogwarts is under attack by the forces of darkness and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Can you and your favorite wizard friends work together to defeat the Dark Lord? USAopoly will be showing off and selling a limited number of copies of their exciting cooperative deckbuilding game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle at Gen Con this week.

350 New Games Debuting At Gen Con From Board Game Geek


Boardgame Geek has put together a list of an impressive 350 new games to check out at Gen con this year! If you didn’t think Gen Con was overwhelming before, this should tip the the scale.

Review - Be The Next Director For S.H.I.E.L.D In Munchkin: Marvel Edition

Review – Be The Next Director For S.H.I.E.L.D In Munchkin: Marvel Edition


USAopoly, with Marvel and Steve Jackson Games have put together a fantastic version of Munchkin for gamers and Marvel fans alike. Do you have what it takes to become the next Director of S.H.I.E.L.D?

USAopoly Announces Harry Potter Hogwarts Deckbuilding Game


Do you have the wizard skills needed to defend Hogwarts against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Find out this fall in USAopoly and Warner Brothers Inc’s new Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deckbuilding Game.

Have A Go At CLUE, Alien Vs. Predator Style From USAopoly


Do you have what it takes to figure out which Predator killed the Alien Queen, in what location and with what? Now you can uncover the clues in the latest version of CLUE from USAopoly, CLUE: Alien Vs. Predator.

Boldly Go Where No Board Game Has Gone Before In Star Trek: Panic


Set course for Star Date 05-2016. Engage. USAoloply has announced the upcoming release of Start Trek Panic. This cooperative, light strategy game will hit the shelves in May and allow gamers to boldly go where no board gamers have gone before in the Star Trek universe with new Panic mechanics.

Plan Your Hostile Takeover In USAopoly’s Game Of Thrones Risk


Are you missing Game of Thrones yet? (We definitley are!) Then have a go at USAopoly’s Game of Thrones Risk! Playa s your favorite house and use your strategy to maneuver yourself and gain control of the kingdoms necessary to reclaim the thone!