USAopoly Reminds Us Why It’s Fun To Game As “Grown Ups”

March 1, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Don’t Worry, An Adult Themed Game Does Not Equal Maturity

USAopoly has found two great new ways to game like “grown ups”- of course, “grown ups” meaning being inappropriate, drinking too much and laughing your foolish head off.

You may be familiar with two family friendly, party games from their line, Wonky and Telestrations. What you may not know is that they have recently released Adult versions of these games and they are BRILLIANT.

Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark is a combination drawing/guessing/telephone game that they have taken to an all new level with adult themed keywords to get across. Think of a certain popular, inappropriate card game we all love and add artistic ability (or lack thereof).

Telestrations After Dark Box

Players will begin by each drawing a card after deciding on a number. Each player will then have the corresponding word by that number to contend with.

Each player will also have a Telestrations sketch book and will start by writing their clue on the first page. Players then start the Sketchin’ phase as they flip to the next page and attempt to draw a picture to describe that word.

When players are done drawing their image they pass their books to the left and start the Guessin’ phase where they write down their best guess at what was drawn in the last picture and pass the books again. Turns continue like this until players find themselves in possession of their original sketchbook.

Telestrations After Dark Interior

Now it’s time for the big reveal and a LOT of laughing! The best part of this game is that you can play for points or just play for the laughs, of which there will be plenty! If you go the points route, you can do either Friendly or Competitive scoring.

For Friendly Scoring:

  • Give one point to the player with your favourite sketch
  • Give one point to the player with your favourite guess in your book
  • Give yourself one point if the last guess in the book matches your secret word

For Competitive Scoring:

  • Guessers earn one point if their guess matches the secret word or previous guess
  • Sketchers earn a point if their sketch helps a guesser make a match
  • Give yourself a point if the last guess matches your secret word

If you’re extra adventurous, you can mix up the rules, mix up the order or make people draw with their non-dominant hand! And you thought the pictures were funny before?!

Telestrations After Dark (Components)

It’s important to point out that USAopoly took into consideration that adult beverages may be required to lower the inhibitions of some and increase the funny factor, so they’ve included matching colored coasters in the set to correspond to the color binding on the sketchbooks – just in case anyone has trouble remembering which book (or drink) is theirs. They’re thoughtful like that!

Drawing not your strong suit? No worries, their second game may be right up your alley…

Wonky – The Unstable Adult Party Game

This game requires two or more players, and the more players you involve, the more fun it is! This is a game of dexterity and shenanigans. To start with, all players must bring an adult beverage of their choice to the table.

Wonky Tube

To win this game, you must be the first player to have no cards in your hand at the end of your turn or by successfully adding the ninth and final cube to the tower (regardless of how many cards you are still holding).

Gameplay consists of two steps, playing a Protocol Card and if required, adding a cube to the tower. Sounds simple, right? Haha! No. You can only play cards that correspond to available blocks to add to the tower. There are three small, three medium and three large blocks for the tower. If you have no Protocol Cards in your hand that apply to the options available, you draw cards until you get one that works.

Wonky Blocks

When you stack a cube (and it’s important to point out that they are NOT flat – they’re Wonky), the tower must remain standing for a count of three to be deemed successful. If successful, you choose another player to drink. If it falls you drink, draw three more Protocol Cards and draw a Side Effect Card. This is where the game gets wild.

Wonky Cards

Side Effect Cards have all sorts of Wonky effects (see what they did there?). The Side Effect comes into play immediately, and affects all players, remaining in play the remainder of the game. There can be up to three Side Effects in play at any time in the game. If a fourth enters play, the one that’s been in play the longest is discarded.

How Bad Can They Be?

Well, this is all a matter of perspective (and possibly your choice in adult beverage). Side effects all have the same result- someone drinks.

Wonky Side Effects

Here’s just a few of the crazy Side Effects that players can be subjected to throughout a game…

  • Side Effect 0986 (Phone Effect) No touching phones. Anytime someone touches their phone, they drink. OK, that’s not too bad. A little self-control is required. How difficult could it be?
  • Side Effect 8435 (Accent Accident) Players can ONLY talk with an accent. Anyone that speaks without using an accent drinks. Sure, it’s funny the first time you forget to do it…
  • Side Effect 8008 (Finger On the Button) The player that draws this card is the Thumb Master. Any time they place their thumb down on the edge of the table, all other players must follow suit. The last to put their thumb down drinks. Ok, now you’ve hit having to pay attention as well as dexterity. God forbid you’re last because of Side Effect 0986.
  • Side Effect 0001 (Wildcard) This is where you find out just how mean your friends are. Whoever drew this card gets to declare their own rule. Whoever breaks it drinks.

And there’s plenty more Side Effects where these came from. Don’t forget that all the while this craziness is going on, you are still trying to be proficient at stacking the different sized cubes!

Wonky Collection

At the end of the game, it’s safe to say that everyone will have experienced the Side Effect of laughter! Ooooooh, that would make a really rough Wild Card Side Effect! Try not laughing while you play this.

Sometimes It’s Fun To Be A “Grown Up”

At the end of the day, on occasions like playing these games, it really is fun to be a “grown up.” Now if USAopoly could just do something about work, bills, etc… Until then, we just need to play more games. I’ll be bringing this one to our next Backstager Meet Up!

What do you think of these “Grown Up” games from USAopoly?

"The best part of this game is that you can play for points or just play for the laughs, of which there will be plenty!"

"Wild Card Side Effect! Try not laughing while you play this..."