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Ten Holiday Season Gifts For Tabletop Gamers!


Some of the team have put together a few suggestions for what we think might be good stocking fillers, new year bargains or indeed full on presents for tabletop gamers this holiday season…

Angel Giraldez Talks Reprints For His Masterclass Book!


Angel Giraldez has decided to reprint the book and give it a second run. If you missed out first time you might be able to have another try! See what Angel has to say within…

Painting Miniatures From A To Z By Angel Giraldez Coming Soon!

Painting Miniatures From A To Z By Angel Giraldez Coming Soon!


It’s not long to go until Angel Giraldez’s Masterclass Volume I book hits teaching you to paint miniatures from A to Z!

This promises to be a pretty extensive guide and showcase of the types of techniques and talented results you can get and it’s all from a world class painter. Angel Giraldez even won the best painted category in last years Beasts of War Awards 2014 for his Kum Riders!

Paint Like Giraldez With Vallejo's Two New Paint Sets

Paint Like Giraldez With Vallejo’s Two New Paint Sets


Renowned miniatures painter Angel Giraldez has been showing off two new paint sets from Vallejo, each complete with a step by step guide to help you paint like the master himself.

Romain tests out Vallejo Paint


Romain reviews Vallejo Paint on camera… just for you!

Basing your Miniatures the Easy Way with Vallejo Basing Gel


Romain takes a look at Vallejo Basing Gel and how to apply it to your miniatures.