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Victoria Miniatures Load Shells Into Their Big Gun

15 days ago 5

The BFG Sledgehammer will soon be available to pick up from Victoria Miniatures and what a gun it is! See what you think of it here.

Victoria Miniatures’ Inquisitor Judge Vander Tuul Available Now

112 days ago 8

Victoria Miniatures have put their Limited Edition AdeptiCon model up on their webstore for you to buy. Inquisitor Judge Vander Tuul is on sale now

Victoria Release Guns & Gizmos Galore To Spruce Up Your Minis

245 days ago 6

It has been a while since we last heard from Victoria Miniatures, but now they are kicking off 2016 with a slew of new accessory pieces to kit up your miniatures with.

The Sledgehammer Revealed For Reaper Mini’s Bones!

466 days ago 6

Sculpted by Victoria Lamb and Jake Schneider the M22 BFG also known as the ‘Sledgehammer’ is now available to pledge for over on the Reaper Miniatures Bones III Kickstarter thanks to Victoria Miniatures…

Victoria Miniatures Has a Female Crew In The Works For Bones III

471 days ago 6

Fantastic things happen when companies team up together to offer special additions in Kickstarters! Victoria Miniatures is offering a great bonus project in Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 project and the sneak peaks are looking pretty amazing!

The Female Tannenburg Regiment Is Coming Together For Victoria Miniatures

503 days ago 3

If you’re looking for a whole regiment of Tannenburg style soldiers from Victoria Miniatures with a female slant then you’re in luck. The work is going well on a whole range of heads for that specific purpose…

New Coat/Legs Bits Available From Victoria Miniatures This Month

562 days ago 5

Mix and match the look of your miniatures with Great Coat Legs from Victoria Miniatures. Their April releases offer 2 different styles too add greater customizability to your minis.

Victoria Miniatures Take Command With AdeptiCon 2015 Exclusive Model!

629 days ago 2

Victoria Miniatures have shown off the awesome looking Sci-Fi miniature they’ll be adding to the swag bags of AdeptiCon 2015 attendees. See what you think of the Tannenburg Kolonel who actually has a bit of background too!

Take A Look at Victoria’s Workbench & New Legs!

681 days ago 1

Victoria Miniatures have given us a quick look at their workbench, showcasing the projects that will hopefully be appearing in the near future.

Victoria Minis’ Highlanders Get Their Universal Arms

686 days ago 3

Victoria Miniatures have released their Highland Moss Guard as five and ten man squads complete with their new universal arms to allow them to take whatever weapons they need.

Victoria’s Van Diemen’s Squad Takes War Down Under

687 days ago 1

Victoria Miniatures have now released a new re-packed modular squad of their Van Diemen’s World Devils, complete with slouch hats and plenty of rifle options.

Victoria Want Your Opinion on Upcoming Bolt Pistol

688 days ago 26

Victoria Miniatures are looking for people’s opinion on a new weapon option they will soon be releasing, a a Guard Bolt Pistol.

Victoria Release Units of Universal Arcadians

694 days ago 4

Victoria Miniatures have released two new five man universal sets of their Arcadian soldiers, designed to let them take whatever weapons you need to battle.

Carry Your Guns in Victoria Miniatures’ New Universal Rifle Arms

698 days ago Comments Off

Victoria Miniatures have come out with new sets of Universal Rifle Arms, sleeves rolled up and ready for battle.

Victoria Fix Vehicles with APC Wheels and Suspension Kit

724 days ago 6

Victoria Miniatures have released their APC Wheels and Suspension Kit to help make your armoured vehicles ready for whatever terrain they might come across.