Victoria Miniatures’ Inquisitor Judge Vander Tuul Available Now

July 5, 2016 by brennon

Victoria Miniatures have put their Limited Edition AdeptiCon model up on their webstore for you to buy. Inquisitor Judge Vander Tuul is on sale now and all proceeds will go towards Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania.

Inquisitor Judge Vander Tuul

The last surviving mutant retreated back into the service passage, the same access corridor he had used to attack the hab-level. But that’s when he had been one of many. Now he was alone, his brethren all dead at the hands of the Hive’s security forces and their leader, the Inquisitor-Judge.

That cursed enforcer had almost single-handedly destroyed the trog raiding party. He had been waiting for them, almost as if he knew they were coming. When the last mutant stopped to catch his breath, he heard a voice drift through the ancient passageways.

He froze, terrified – it was the Inquisitor. In a cold, calm tone he called, “There is nowhere to run to, abomination. Nowhere to hide.” The last mutant slumped to the floor, dropping his pistol. He began to weep”

There are only one hundred resin casts available and there are still a few of these at the time of writing for you to pick up. He’s a fascinating looking model that would make a perfect character to lead your soldiers into battle against daemonic scum.

I’d use him as my character model in a game of Dark Heresy where he’s battling against mutants.

What do you think?

"I'd use him as my character model in a game of Dark Heresy where he's battling against mutants..."

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