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Greek Heavy Cavalry To Ride Forth From Victrix

28 days ago 10

Leading the charge on the Ancient battlefield Victrix have shown off some more of their cavalry coming to the tabletop soon. Here we have their Later Hellenistic Greek/Successor Cavalry.

Mighty War Elephants Lumber Into Battle From Victrix Soon

41 days ago 13

Victrix have previewed some render work for their new War Elephants who are popping up to supplement their Punic Wars era wargaming.

The Ancient Iberian Cavalry Charge Out Of Victrix

49 days ago 8

The Ancient Iberian Cavalry are gathering for a charge across an Ancient battlefield with Victrix. These are some fantastically dynamic looking warriors.

Early Imperial Roman Centurions March Out Of Victrix Soon

100 days ago 9

Victrix continue to show off what’s coming for the Imperial Romans. Here we have another look at their Centurions ready to march into battle.

Stand At The Front Of Legions With Victrix’s Roman Signifier

110 days ago 6

Victrix have shown off another render piece for what’s coming in the future for their Roman range. Here we have the Signifier who looks rather splendid holding aloft this pole with pride…

Imperial Romans Take Shape & Form Up From Victrix

176 days ago 10

Victrix are going to be setting about conquering Gaul and beyond with their Early Imperial Romans set which is coming together very nicely.

Early Imperial Romans Coming Next From Victrix

206 days ago 10

Victrix have talked about their upcoming project for the Ancient period. They are now going to be tackling Early Imperial Romans starting with this one render to show the direction they are taking with their plastics.

Armoured & Unarmoured Samnites Band Together From Victrix

208 days ago 5

Victrix have some more Ancients plastics on the way for your gathering horde of warriors intent on battling the forces of Rome. See what you make of both their Armoured & Unarmoured Samnites who will be joining the battle at Salute…

Victrix Mount Up With The Ancient Iberian Cavalry

229 days ago 11

The next big unit are the Iberian Cavalry who are in the midst of charging into the massed ranks of the enemy to hopefully break them with a thunderous charge…

Ancient Iberians & Balearic Slingers Released By Victrix

254 days ago 10

Victrix have now added two more plastic sets to their collection for Ancient wargaming. The two sets consist of the Balearic Slingers and the Iberian Unarmoured Infantry so you can begin to bulk up your armies…

The Numidian Cavalry Is Charging Out Of Victrix In 2016

308 days ago 4

Coming out towards the middle of 2016 we have the plastic Numidian Cavalry from Victrix which continues to supplement their growing Ancients range in 28mm. There’s some work still to do on these but they’re looking pretty good so far I reckon…

The Greek Hoplites From Victrix Enter A Bristling Phalanx

324 days ago 2

Victrix have shown off some of the final elements of their Ancient Greek range. The latest showing is of Hoplites with Corinthian helmets, probably the most well known designs from the period. This is the ‘tank’ like design of the Hoplite that I saw first in Horrible Histories and the like!

The Successor Phalanx Lines Up From Victrix

335 days ago 5

Victrix have now showed off some of the interesting looking designs for the Successor Phalanx to use in your Ancient Wargaming.

Ancient Macedonian Commanders Come Together From Victrix

348 days ago 3

Victrix have shown off the renders for the Ancient Macedonian Command that will be leading your units of Pikemen into battle during the age of Alexander the Great in the forging of his Empire…

The Macedonian Pikemen Of Victrix Rank Up In Their Phalanx

357 days ago 3

Victrix have put together a little preview of their upcoming Macedonian Pikemen who would have ranked up with bristling spears out in front of them and a row of gleaming bronze shields facing the enemy…