Napoleon’s Imperial Guard Start Their March With Victrix

October 31, 2012 by brennon

Napoleon’s Imperial Guard are marching out of Victrix soon. Check out the regiment below and even some painted examples. The set will be out by the 12th of November!

Imperial Guard Regiment Box

Plastic Imperial Guard Regiment

Sixty miniatures in one box! While they are all very uniformed it will be cool to have a full regiment of these all in order and ready for battle. They are 28mm too so plenty of uses across the different historical gaming rule sets.

Artmaster Painted Imperial Guard

Some awesomely painted miniatures as examples too! It’s always nice to see painted versions of the miniatures you might be buying, as it gives you an indication of what it looks like on the battlefield and a reference for your own work. This looks like it might be another one of the releases goading me into actually trying a Napoleonic army.

What do you think of the set?