Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition for PC

October 5, 2010 by lloyd

Yes a new version of Blood Bowl for the PC is just around the corner, Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition and THQ have put out a first look video with some rather questionable commentary from two old world Blood Bowl pundits lol.

So far the Blood Bowl video game has had a mixed reception with it scoring sort of average review scores for the PC but taking a bit of a pounding on the console with scores of about 5 outa 10.

Will this new offering be any better? I don’t know we will have to wait and see but if you liked the first one then I think you will be happy with the addition of a Story Mode, 11 new races (umm amazon girls) and according to THQ a whole load more.

Maybe we should make a group for Blood Bowl, oh wait there’s two made already by our community fantastic. Ok I have been into both and I’m just going to pic the one that actually has a post in it. I think it’s time to breathe some life into this group so if you’re into Blood Bowl jump into the Blood Bowl Group and get posting.

BoW Lloyd.

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