Erect A Shrine To Talos From The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

December 9, 2013 by brennon

If you’re a bit of a fan of Skyrim from Bethesda then you might be interested in this rather epic looking statue of the Shrine of Talos which could adorn your gaming shelf or indeed find a place as a piece of terrain on your board.

Shrine to Talos #1

Shrine to Talos #2

This mighty statue is one that features across the world of Skyrim and is very cool looking to boot. It’s quite pricey but it’s a great part of the Skyrim mythos to have with you I reckon.

  • Limited to: 750 pieces worldwide
  • Dimension: 1/6 scale, 14 inches tall, including the base
  • Includes: Deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand numbered base, and a certificate of authenticity.
  • Cast in high quality poly-stone, hand-finished and hand-painted.

As I mentioned it could be very cool as a bit of terrain for the tabletop too. You could work it into a mountainous themed board based on the world of their latest game.

Are you a fan?