Sierra Games Has Brought Back The Old School Favorite King’s Quest

July 20, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Sometimes reliving your youth offers a wealth of amazing memories. Do you remember sitting in front of your very large (and yet super trendy) PC, playing the thought provoking adventure games popular at the time? I can remember starting off with Wishbringer, which offered no graphics at all and operated solely in DOS prompt!

kings quest

Then we transitioned to the “big time” with King’s Quest and Space Quest!  These games offered you the fun of a Choose Your Own Adventure/puzzle type game while broadening your mind as you actually needed to THINK to play the game.

Sierra Games has announced they are going back to the classics with a revamped version of King’s Quest, launching on July 28th. The trailer is fun and looks to provide a much more interactive world, complete with interesting characters and personalities all while staying true to the original.

In a world where games have gotten more and more realistic and graphic, there is something to be said for a solid, game that everyone can enjoy.

A game like this could easily be the “in” for young gamers or perhaps adults who have not really played games before. A game like King’s Quest can open imaginations to perhaps moving beyond into games like Dungeon & Dragons or even crawler type games.

All I know is, that I have such fond memories of playing these kinds of games and will happily give it a go again.

What do you think of the new King’s Quest?

"A game like King's Quest can open imaginations to perhaps moving beyond into games like Dungeon & Dragons..."