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VLOG: Warren’s Warhammer 40K Train Update!

9 days ago 16

Welcome to the VLOG for this week as Warren has made a call on the theme for his Warhammer 40,000 Train while John & Lance surprise Justin with a gift!

VLOG: Kings Of War Empire Of Dust Hobby Tips

44 days ago 27

We’re here for a Friday VLOG and the guys have taken up a bit of a hobby challenge from the forums concerning the Empire of Dust models from Kings Of War.

TWD Bootcamp Last Tickets For All!

VLOG: The Walking Dead Boot Camp Last Tickets For All!

47 days ago 32

It’s time for us to open up the Boot Camps to the public. So, if you fancy a weekend with us in the studio playing The Walking Dead by Mantic Games then grab your ticket!

P-VLOG: Wolsung SSG Gigantic Golem – From Parts To Painted

P-VLOG: Wolsung SSG Gigantic Golem – From Parts To Painted

101 days ago 10

Join us as we follow John building
and painting the fantastic Gigantic
Golem from Micro Art Studios
for Wolsung SSG.

Vlog: Beast 2.0, Battle Reports & Tiny Tables

123 days ago 15

It’s a busy week in the studio here and we regret to announce that there will be no Weekender show this week. However, we have some epic stuff instead!

Vlog: New Arrivals to the BoW Family

180 days ago 23

We’ve been up to our eyes in Salute over the past few weeks and now we’re finally getting back to normal.

VLOG – The Final Countdown Before We Leave For Salute

193 days ago 35

Just a very quick V-Log this week guys as we’re getting all the prep work we need done for Salute 2016, it’s looking to be a great show this year. Drop your comments below for what your hoping to see and do at Salute this year.

VLOG - Building A Frozen Ruins Table

VLOG – Building A Frozen Ruins Table

228 days ago 21

Welcome to our weekly VLOG where
John has been set the task
of building up a snowy table
for another epic battle report
of Warhammer 40,000…

VLOG: Operation Flamestrike Almost Here + A Big Team Yankee Delivery

237 days ago 23

The Beasts of War Studio is all hands on deck as we put the final tweaks to our first global campaign; Operation Flamestrike for Infinity + Christmas has come early (well two or three Christmases to be exact).

VLOG: Salute Castle Progress Update

250 days ago 11

With Salute drawing closer we’re busy beavering away on our castle which means Justin once again being chained to the saw cutting pieces of wood to give the walls some depth.

VLOG: Castles Will Fall!

256 days ago 29

The Votes are in and it looks like 80′s New York mayhem will have to wait for another day. Now we’re going to be looking at smashing down castle walls!

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Vlog: A Game for Salute – YOU Decide

257 days ago 67

A HUGE thank you to all of the Backstagers who aided out call last week about data management. Secondly, we’re giving you the choice on what we bring to Salue this year.

VLOG: The BIG Data Storage Problem

261 days ago 56

The Beast has taken up a lot of data of the years and we’re asking you for some help on working out a long term solution to the quest we undertook five years ago…

VLOG: A Visit From Wolsung

270 days ago 11

Another week, another project finished and ready for filming with Lukasz from Micro Art Studio showcasing some new and amazing updates from Wolsung SSG.

VLOG: Gaming Board Prep For Wolsung SSG Filming

275 days ago 15

With Łukasz from Micro Art Studio coming to the Riverside studio for filming new episodes of Wolsung Stratagems the team has begun working on getting the gaming board ready for action, including a new steampunk enhanced ship.