Meet Hul’Gren From Voodooworx & Read Their Tales

March 14, 2016 by brennon

Voodooworx have added another character to their webstore that develops their Fantasy world with Hul’Gren The Collector. See what you make of this alternative looking Halfling…

Hul'Gren The Collector

“Hul’Gren could claim leadership of the Bloodkin clan following the disappearance of her father warchief Gar’da at the Battle of Sorrowdale. Many in the Bloodkin believe him dead, but Hul’Gren thinks her father languishes in the dungeons of a castle somewhere in the Kingdom of Ariad.

Rather than lead her people, she seeks a citadel that bears the standard of two horned serpents, the arms of the human lord she believes captured Gar’da. She is willing to fight for any lord or lady that will aid her quest.”

I think this is a great looking model that really continues to build on the aesthetic that they’ve developed for these Halflings. They have the look of Gremlins and Goblins mixed with the crooked noses of old fashioned Halflings/Gnomes. I think it’s a good mix.

As well as the model they have also added another short story to their library written by Gav Thorpe called Stick & Woo. The Story of Hau’Rax is also available as another of their tales.

Stick & Woo

“Ulfan’Rax is one of the oldest dark halflings in living memory – although that’s mostly his memory, which is not as sharp as it used to be. A curious incident in his younger days involving a mystical storm and a semi-sentient tree entity introduced Ulfan’Rax to the possibilities and powers of magic.

Since that time he has become one of the most accomplished sorcerers, shamans and wyrdmakers of dark halfling kind.”

Have you delved into their world and snapped up their miniatures and stories?

Drop your thoughts below!

"I think this is a great looking model that really continues to build on the aesthetic that they've developed for these Halflings..."

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