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More Snarling Viking Raiders Arrive From V&V Miniatures

26 days ago 2

A new crew of Viking raiders have arrived from V&V Miniatures who are on a roll when it comes to their range of Dark Age models right now.

28mm Vikings & 40mm Knights Fight On From V&V Miniatures

48 days ago 5

Expanding their collection, even more, the folks at V&V Miniatures has now added a couple of additional sets to their webstore over the last week or so.

Prepare For A Siege With V&V Miniatures’ New Catapult

61 days ago 2

V&V Miniatures has shown off a new addition to their Historical collection. These 40mm figures might not exactly measure up for regular wargaming but the Medieval Catapult gives you a nice little diorama which could be good for a painting competition!

V&V Miniatures Gather More Vikings For A Raid

100 days ago 4

Battling their way up off the shore from their boats for a raiding action V&V Miniatures has shown off a new set of Vikings in 28mm scale for your wargaming needs.

More 28mm V&V Anglo-Saxons Band Together For War

150 days ago 1

If you’re looking to pull together a set of characters to help bolster the fighting power of your Anglo-Saxon warband during a Dark Age battle then see what you think of this New Set from V&V Miniatures.

V&V Show Off The Finished Anglo-Saxon Earl

177 days ago 4

V&V Miniatures have shown off the work on one of their Anglo-Saxon Earls in 28mm who could lead your warband into battle.

V&V Miniatures Fill You Full Of Holes With Chinese Artillery

192 days ago 2

V&V Miniatures are looking to stick you full of holes with their new 40mm scale set showing off a piece of Chinese Artillery.

V&V’s Saxon Warriors Test Your Dark Age Painting Skills

212 days ago 2

V&V Miniatures have now released another set of resin miniatures for those that enjoy the Dark Ages. Here we have their 40mm scale Anglo-Saxon Warriors.

A 40mm Celtic Chariot Trundles Out Of V&V Miniatures

309 days ago 2

A 40mm Celtic Chariot for your painting pleasure has made its way onto the webstore of V&V Miniatures.

Shoot Pesky Raiders With V&V’s Anglo-Saxon Archers

359 days ago 4

Following in the footsteps of their Anglo-Saxon Huscarls we now have some ranged options for the defenders of England by V&V Miniatures.

Fight By The Side Of Anglo-Saxons With V&V Miniatures

377 days ago 5

V&V Miniatures have now crossed the waters of the North Sea and they’re producing Anglo-Saxon miniatures. Their first set is a range of 28mm Huscarls in chainmail with a range of different weapons…

New 28mm Vikings Available From V&V Miniatures

462 days ago 10

If you’re on the market for more vikings for your warbands, then V&V Miniatures has just the thing. They have just released a new set of 28mm resin vikings, perfect for your SAGA game.

More Viking Raiders Coming From V&V Miniatures

479 days ago 5

V&V Miniatures have previewed another of the miniatures coming in their new Viking set. See what you think of this raider who has no doubt just hopped out of his longship and is looking for some gold to steal…

V&V Miniatures Follow A New Jarl Into Dark Age Battle

495 days ago 3

V&V Miniatures have shown off the work going into a new Historical model for use with your Dark Age battles. See what you think of this Jarl with sword held high and shield raised wearing a rather fetching helmet and chainmail combo…

V&V Miniatures Go Berserk With New Vikings For Hobby Bunker

719 days ago 6

Get bloodthirsty and start slaying with some amazing looking Berserkers from V&V Miniatures that will be available through Russian retailer, Hobby Bunker, soon.