A 40mm Celtic Chariot Trundles Out Of V&V Miniatures

June 26, 2016 by brennon

A 40mm Celtic Chariot for your painting pleasure has made its way onto the webstore of V&V Miniatures. They have been working hard on a number of interesting Historical pieces and this is a neat model for their collection and maybe even yours…

Celtic Chariot

While it might be a bit big for you to use on the tabletop this is a great looking piece and would be good for a Historical buff to enjoy. You could get stuck into painting the colourful individuals on the chariot and then work on painting horses too.

Then, all of these skills could be transferred onto your 28mm models and the army is born! Hopefully we’ll see V&V branch into 28mm versions of this too.

Do you like it?

"Hopefully we'll see V&V branch into 28mm versions of this too..."