Ride Into Battle With V&V’s 40mm Egyptian Chariot

January 8, 2018 by brennon

V&V Miniatures flit between both 28mm and 40mm scale for a lot of their products and the latest release falls into the later of those categories with a grand Egyptian Chariot for you to take a look at.

Egyptian Chariot 40mm Scale

The model comes in resin and gives you a slice of action from Ancient history as the chariot barrels forth, one of the riders covering the other as he fires arrows at the enemy in front of him.

Egyptian Chariot 40mm Scale (Alt)

I think this is a great looking model with a nice narrative to tell. You could have a lot of fun painting this up and using it as a display piece if you’re a big fan of this period of history.

V&V Miniatures also tend to make a lot of their models from this 40mm scale into 28mm wargaming pieces as well, so fingers crossed we get something that you could use in your games too.

What do you think of this speeding Chariot?

"...using it as a display piece if you're a big fan of this period of history"