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Panda Cult Announced Barnacle Bay Is Kickstarting Sept 5th

13 days ago 2

The animal adventuring board game, Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay will be taking to Kickstarter this fall. They will launch on September 5th, so get ready to jump into this fabulous dungeon crawler meets RPG adventure!

Panda Cult Games Shows Off The Baddies Of Barnacle Bay

34 days ago 2

Our friends from Panda Cult Games are really ramping things up as the prospect of their Kickstarter launch looms on the horizon. Until then, have a look at the brilliant box art and baddies of Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay!

Panda Cult Offers A Peek Into Events For Their WIP Game Wander

68 days ago 1

Our friends from Panda Cult are really ramping things up for their WIP adventuring game, Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. This week we’re getting a closer look at the anatomy of your character cards and Events for the game.

The Bat Caster Joins The Ranks For Wander: The Cult Of Barnacle Bay

97 days ago 2

A villain is on its way into Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. Panda Cult is showing off the Bat Caster, the latest winged baddie for their upcoming Kickstarter.

The Bear Brute Comes To Life For The Cult Of Barnacle Bay By Red Panda

130 days ago 6

The Bear Brute has taken form, courtesy of the very talented sculpting of Patrick Keith. This baddie will be joining the ranks in the upcoming Wander: The Cult Of Barnacle Bay Kickstarter for Red Panda Miniatures.

Beware The Bear Shark Brutes Of Barnacle Bay From Red Panda Miniatures

137 days ago 9

The latest quirky fella you may Wander into in the Cult of Barnacle Bay is the Bear Brute! Red Panda Miniatures continues to dream up some wonderful characters for their upcoming board game in the Wander world.

Check Out The Otter Fisherman From Upcoming The Cult Of Barnacle Bay

151 days ago 2

Elder Bane magic has corrupted the fishermen of Barnacle Bay for the upcoming cooperative dungeon crawl game from Red Panda Miniatures. Have a look at some sneak peeks for the WIP.

Wander Into The Cult Of Barnacle Bay With Red Panda Miniatures

159 days ago 1

Get ready for the perfect quest for the wonderfully quirky animal adventurers of Wander. Red Panda Miniatures has announced the title of their upcoming board game, featuring these fantastic minis- The Cult Of Barnacle Bay!

Red Panda Opens Late Backer Option For Wander To Fund Mary Fixit & Gritt

185 days ago 0

If you missed out on the quirky animal adventurers in the Wander Kickstarter from Red Panda Miniatures, you’re not too late!

Lovely Painted Minis Join Jon The Bard In Red Panda’s Wander

311 days ago 4

Why take a traditional adventurer party into your game when you could take a band of quirky little animal adventurers? We’re starting to see Red Panda’s Wander minis take shape and get some lovely paint work.

Unlock Jon The Bard For Red Panda’s Wander In Its Final Hours On KS

374 days ago 0

There’s still a bit of time to hop on the Wander Kickstarter from Red Panda Miniatures to add some fun and quirky animal adventurers to your games. Every adventuring group should have a reptile bard- Jon is almost unlocked!

Red Panda Shows Off Their Gen Con Promo Mini- Rayna

378 days ago 0

Red Panda Miniatures is over the moon about reaching their funding goal for their Wander Kickstarter. To show their appreciation, they’ve added their Gen Con promo mini, Rayna, to the project as an add on. Who wouldn’t want a kangaroo warrior in their adventuring party?!

Weekender XLBS: GW's Improved Release Style & Do We Need 80's Style Minis?

Weekender XLBS: GW’s Improved Release Style & Do We Need 80′s Style Minis?

379 days ago 83

We get stuck into a big discussion on the future
of Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000
and plenty of Hobby Time too!

Wander Project Enters Its Final Week On Kickstarter

381 days ago 3

The fun and quirky animal warband of Wander has entered its last week on Kickstarter. There’s still time to pick up these fantastic minis from Red Panda and add some new adventurers to your collection.

Red Panda Shows Off Some Studio Painted Minis From Wander

388 days ago 4

Red Panda Miniatures is showing off some fantastic studio painted minis from Elizabeth Beckley. The adventurers from their Wander Kickstarter are really coming to life and show what interesting character you can bring into your traditional adventuring parties.