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Weekender XLBS: What Makes For The Best Mega Gaming Battles?

478 days ago 138

Welcome to our slice of Sunday Weekender fun on XLBS. We’ve got a funny story from Warren to kick things off and talk on big Mega Battles!

Wargames Illustrated Get A Sneak Peek At New Project Z Soldiers

481 days ago 7

Wargames Illustrated have got a look at the new soldiers that you’ll be able to make for use in your games of Project Z by Warlord Games. These are sculpted and produced by Wargames Factory who entered into a deal with Warlord not long ago…

Trotsky Steps Into Wargames Illustrated’s Giants In Miniature Range

574 days ago 3

Wargames Illustrated’s Giants In Miniature range grows once more this month with the addition of another high profile figure. Leon Trotsky was famous for his political work but he also shaped the Red Army into a more coherent and professional fighting force…

The Woodland Indians Now Available From Wargames Factory

858 days ago 19

Ready yourselves for an ambush with the Woodland Indians stalking out of the wilderness for Wargames Factory. This is an awesome looking kit!

New Indians Emerge From Wargames Factory’s Woods

879 days ago 12

Wargames Factory are ringing in the new year by showing off some new images of their upcoming Woodland Indian box set, bringing you more woodland fighters than you can shake a tomahawk at.

Colonial Militia Now Ready For War With Wargames Factory

991 days ago 7

Fight for the freedom of a nation with the awesome looking Colonial Infantry now ready from Wargames Factory. This range is shaping up to look awesome!

Gather The American Militia Together From Wargames Factory

1008 days ago 11

Wargames Factory have previewed some more from the War of Independence range and soon you’ll be joining the scrappy Militia on the battlefield.

The Continental Infantry by Wargames Factory Report for Duty!

1057 days ago 7

The Continental Army by Wargames Factory has arrived to stand the line, in the War of Independence.

The Wargames Factory Woodland Indians Ambush Your Troops!

1088 days ago 15

It’s not just about the Europeans when it comes to the American War of Independance! What do you think of some Woodland Indians joining the scuffle!?

The British Soldiers Are Here From Wargames Factory!

1089 days ago 4

Will you be able to quell those upstart Americans and keep the colonies part of the British Empire with this new release of British Infantry from Wargames Factory?

More War Of Independence Previews From Wargames Factory

1112 days ago 13

Wargames Factory show off some more of their War of Independence soldiers for the different factions. Are you going to pick some of these up?

What's in the Box: Apoc Survivors, Bolt Action Marines & EOTD Steam Exo-Skeleton!

Apoc Survivors, Bolt Action Marines & EOTD Steam Exo-Skeleton!

1125 days ago 11

I think it’s time for us to show off another
awesome bunch of miniatures don’t you?

Wargames Factory Continue The War Of Independence Teasers!

1137 days ago 0

Not content with British Infantry the folks at Wargames Factory are going to get you going with some Continental Soldiers as well!

Preview Wargames Factory’s Oncoming British Infantry

1138 days ago 9

Wargames Factory show off some of their British soldiers that will be coming to enforce the law in the Americas.

The British Are Coming! From Wargames Factory

1149 days ago 3

It’s nearly time for a new release of miniatures from Wargames Factory. See what you think of their cover art for the British Infantry coming soon!