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Ready New CONGO Boxed Sets For Expeditions By Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry have joined forces with Studio Tomahawk to supply wargamers with a number of different boxed sets for CONGO.

Old Scots Get Dug Out Of The Archives By Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry were digging around in the archives and found this set of Will Hannah Scotsmen that never saw the light of day until now.

Wargames Foundry Has A Halloween Treat In Ozzy The Orc


Wargames Foundry has a special treat in store for everyone this Halloween.

Wargames Foundry Finds Some Lost Tribesmen!


Wargames Foundry has discovered another previously “lost” range this time those of early American Indians.

What Was Old is New Again With Wargames Foundry


Wargames Foundry has announced that they will make all of their discontinued miniatures available again.

Darrell Unearths Fantasy Foundry's Resurrectionists

Darrell Unearths Fantasy Foundry’s Resurrectionists


Darrell gets himself some Foundry Fantasy
Resurrectionists to add to his growing collection of victoriana minis. But what faction has caught your eye?

Wargames Foundry & Jake Thornton Become Gods Of Battle


Check out some news for the upcoming game, Gods of Battle by Jake Thornton.

Wargames Foundry's Police on Penny Farthing Bikes

Wargames Foundry’s Police on Penny Farthing Bikes


Darrell calls on the coppers riding their Penny Farthing Bikes from Foundry Fantasy. I wonder what the response time is?

A Bar Fight on the Docks? Must be the Ex Sailors From Wargames Foundry!!!

A Bar Fight on the Docks? Must be the Ex Sailors From Wargames Foundry!!!


Darrell gets out some Ex Sailors for a bit of a brawl down
on the docks from Wargames Foundry.

Chinese Gangsters From Wargames Foundry


Darrell breaks out the Chinese Tongs miniatures from Wargames Foundry. Will these sword wielding gangsters make the cut in Darrell’s Empire of the Dead forces?