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Django & An Earl Join Wargames Illustrated’s Giants Collection


Adding to their Giants In Miniature range, Wargames Illustrated has two new characters for you to consider picking up.

The Pulp Agent Gets Ready For Adventure With Wargames Illustrated


Wargames Illustrated gets ready for another adventure with a new Giants In Miniature model, the Pulp Agent.

Dunkirk Themed Giant In Miniature New From Wargames Illustrated


Wargames Illustrated has shown off one of their new Giants In Miniature for their Historical collection and he’s themed after the new Dunkirk movie that is coming soon.

New Wellington Up For Pre-Order For Wargames Illustrated


Wargames Illustrated has a new offering for their Giants in Miniature line, the Duke of Wellington.

Wargames Illustrated Add To Giants In Miniature WWII Collection


Two hard cases have joined the selection of Giants In Miniature from Wargames Illustrated since we last looked at them.

Take Down Hitler With Wargames Illustrated’s New Giants In Miniature


Based on the film, Inglorious Basterds it looks like Wargames Illustrated is on a mission to kill Hitler with their latest Giants In Miniature.

The Warrior Woman Joins The Giants In Miniature Range


Wargames Illustrated has added another heroic character to their Giants In Miniature range. This time, they’re focusing in on this no-nonsense Warrior Woman.

Napoleon Embraces The Egyptian Heat For Giants In Miniature Range


If you’re looking for an iteration of Napoleon in warmer climes then you can now pick up a version of him in the Desert thanks to Wargames Illustrated and their Giants In Miniature range.

Heroic Lt. Col. Durnford Holds His Own With Wargames Illustrated


Wargames Illustrated have added another heroic individual to their Giants In Miniature range, Lt. Col. Durnford.

Wargames Illustrated’s Steampunk Victoria Is Not Amused


Wargames Illustrated have stepped outside of the bounds of History for a moment to get a bit Steampunk with their version of Queen Victoria.

Get Young Winston From Wargames Illustrated At Salute


Young Winston is the limited edition model that you’ll get from Wargames Illustrated if you subscribe (or re-subscribe) to the print version of the magazine at Salute 2016. Check him out…

Wargames Illustrated Talking Congo Soon


Wargames Illustrated have previewed a look at what’s coming soon in Issue 342 concerning Congo. They are going to be giving us a first look at the rules for Studio Tomahawk…

Wargames Illustrated Add Lt. Col. Johnny Frost To Giants In Miniatures Range


If you’re going to be storming across a bridge then see what you think of Wargames Illustrated next Giant In Miniature addition, Lt. Col. Johnny Frost.


Weekender XLBS: What Makes For The Best Mega Gaming Battles?


Welcome to our slice of Sunday Weekender fun on XLBS. We’ve got a funny story from Warren to kick things off and talk on big Mega Battles!

Flash Harry To Join Wargames Illustrated’s Giants In Miniatures Range


Wargames Illustrated have been working on another miniature for their Giants In Miniatures range and they have announced that Flash Harry has popped up for your Napoleonic gallivanting around a battlefield somewhere…

Wargames Illustrated Get A Sneak Peek At New Project Z Soldiers


Wargames Illustrated have got a look at the new soldiers that you’ll be able to make for use in your games of Project Z by Warlord Games. These are sculpted and produced by Wargames Factory who entered into a deal with Warlord not long ago…

Lord Kitchener Joins Wargames Illustrated’s Giants Range


Wargames Illustrated are back with some more famous faces from history. The latest personality to join the range is Lord Kitchener who is shown pointing towards the enemy and urging his men on to acts of valour on the tabletop…

Studio Tomahawk Visit Wargames Illustrated Showing Off Congo


Studio Tomahawk have visited the Wargames Illustrated crew and they showed off how to play their upcoming game, Congo. While it’s neat to see it’s coming along nicely it was great to see some more of the components for the game which look very fun…

Wargames Illustrated Pick Out Key Moments In History


Wargames Illustrated have started dusting off some of their miniatures to sell once again. The first of these enterprises to begin once more is their Moments In History range which includes a variety of different vignettes from different time periods showing off key points in time…

Join Wargames Illustrated For Frostgrave Day In November


Wargames Illustrated are working with both Osprey and North Star on a Frostgrave Day which will takes place later this year on November 28th. If you’ve wanted to raid the frozen city this could be the trip for you…