Wargames Illustrated Ask You Which Genre/Period Is Your Favourite?

February 16, 2015 by brennon

Wargames Illustrated held a little competition/survey recently to find out what their readership’s favourite genre/period was for wargaming. See what the results were from this newest survey and the one held a few years ago…

Wargames Illustrated Genre Spread (Old)

Above is the older of the two surveys which clearly shows that World War II is a major player when it comes to the readership of Wargames Illustrated. Don’t be so surprised to see the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres so low on the agenda as the readership of Wargames Illustrated is mostly Historical gamers. It makes sense therefore to see both Ancient and Napoleonic eras also getting near the top.

Wargames Illustrated Genre Spread (New)

Here is the new one from this year. You can see that since then there has been a grown in the amount of people playing World War II probably due to both Bolt Action and Flames of War in no small part. Dark Ages has also popped up on the spectrum with an increase of 2%. I’d like to think my favourite system, SAGA, had something to do with that!

World War I also showed up on the radar probably due to the centenary over the last year and a bit. Something else that has popped up as a choice in its own right is the addition of Steampunk! It’s fascinating to see that become such a stand out addition to wargaming but then again there are a lot of systems out there now that focus on alternative takes on established time periods.

The real question is where do you think you fit on this chart?

"Something else that has popped up as a choice in its own right is the addition of Steampunk!"