Wargames Illustrated Add To Giants In Miniature WWII Collection

December 29, 2016 by brennon

Two hard cases have joined the selection of Giants In Miniature from Wargames Illustrated since we last looked at them. Leading the way we have Lieutenant Colonel Will Kilmore.

Lieutenant Colonel Will Kilmore

So let’s find out more about this American fellow…

“Lieutenant Colonel Will Kilmore is a proud commander of men in the 1st Air Cav (Airmobile) Brigade. His role is to take the war to the enemy and overcome. He also intends to offer his men plenty of opportunity for R & R, especially water-based activities. Admittedly, he may pick odd times for them to pursue these sports but, whether bullets are still flying or not, if he says the area is safe, it’s safe.

He supports his men in every way, especially when such a high percentage of them are wounded or KIA during operations he has planned. With his pack of playing cards and his classical music, he wages both physical and psychological warfare on the enemy.”

I reckon if you’re looking for an irresponsible commanding officer to lead your men into battle then this might be a good choice (or a bad one depending on your outlook on the eventual outcome).

Another commanding officer was added to the collection too with Major Riceman.

Major Riceman

“Major Riceman is a rebellious Intelligence Officer with the Airborne Infantry. After numerous incidents with the higher echelons of command, it was decided to offer him one last chance – to take groups of misfits and turn them into an elite fighting force. Tough and uncompromising in his training techniques, he is able to inspire his men just enough that they excel when under his command.

A tough, merciless professional, he uses his trademark M3 ‘Greasegun’ to good effect. He and his men can usually be found deep behind enemy lines, ready to carry out special missions, often the dirtiest type you can be given, leading some of the dirtiest fighters who ever wore Allied uniforms.”

I know which of these two I would rather follow into battle. This would be a good character model for you to drop into your World War II games to see if he can lead his men to victory against the Axis.

What do you think of them both?

"I reckon if you're looking for an irresponsible commanding officer to lead your men into battle then this might be a good choice...or a bad one?"